Classroom Curriculum

Sample Monthly Curriculum

Our programming weaves together song, stories and projects every single week on top of ample outdoor time to provide a rich, well-rounded education. It is very well thought out and intentional in all that we do. Our teachers perform weekly fingerplays and read fairytales to the children. The children then participate in handwork and activities related to that weeks theme. On top of this, The Living Tree works together with Camp Whitcomb to provide additional “field trip” opportunities, exploring their 300+ acre campus, to further our nature and outdoor life skills through real life experiences.

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Sample Newsletter

Each month, our Lead Teacher, Miss Danika, sends out a detailed communication summarizing what activities the children have been participating in, what songs and stories have been shared in the classroom, and the impacts it is having on their learning/developmental growth. It is a great way to see “behind the scenes” of our school and get a deeper look into The Living Tree programming:

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